How to tackle head lice

Head lice are one of the most frustrating problems faced by the parents of school-going girls. Though common, many of us do not know how to tackle the irritating menace effectively.

The main symptom of a head lice infestation is itchy scalp. The bites made on the scalp surface by the lice make it extremely itchy. Lack of proper treatment can make these bites appear reddened and crusty. In extreme cases, it might also lead to the development of swollen lymph glands in the child’s neck.

The grey or even reddish brown head lice scurrying around the scalp is indeed a disgusting sight to watch. Though they do not fly or jump, they are capable of moving around by crawling at a relatively high speed. It is indeed a hard task to spot them as they are hiders. They get themselves buried among the hair strands. The presence of nits attached to your child’s hair is yet another symptom which proclaims aloud that lice are around. Nits are those tiny oval shaped structures attached to the side of hair shafts.

Head lice shampoos are found to be effective in treating the problem. It is important that the manufacturer’s instructions are observed closely while the hair is being shampooed to get rid of the lice completely. It should also be ensured that the child’s clothing and bedding are also washed neatly in hot water.

Lice also attach themselves to furniture, carpets, stuffed animals, etc. it can be present on anything and everything that has been in touch with the infected person’s head for about forty eight hours before the treatment. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner all around the house for eradiating the attached lice. Some people put all the associated items, which can not be washed with hot water, within a tight plastic bag and leave it untouched altogether for a few weeks.


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