How to tackle heat-related ailments in kids

Kids are likely to develop many ailments during the hot season. But the fact is that heat-related diseases can be prevented with a little care. The most frequent of such disorders include dehydration and heat stroke.Children and pregnant women are more prone to heat-related illnesses, when compared to others.

Compared to adults, children possess lesser ‘body mass to surface area ratio.’ This makes them more prone to heat attacks. Fluid loss from the fragile body of kids is more when compared to that of adults. That is why they become easily vulnerable to dehydration. Another major reason is that, unlike adults they like to spend most of their time outside in the open air and thereby becomes easy victims of extreme heat-related causalities.

Parents often do not pay heed to the symptoms of dehydration that are shown by children. Sudden decrease in physical activity, lack of tears when they cry, dry mouth and general irritability are some of them. If you find these symptoms in your child during hot season, he or she is likely to be dehydrated by all means. If so, what is the next step to make?

Before taking the child to the hospital, let him drink plenty of fluid replacement products. The child’s body should be allowed to ‘re-hydrate’ itself. The body will take a few hours to return to normalcy. Never expose a dehydrated child to any sort of heat. Let him stay indoors in a cool and shaded place. He should be made to sip fluids frequently. If you find the child’s condition worsening, he should be rushed to the hospital.

Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition caused when the body is overheated. Red and dry skin, panting, no sweat, dizziness, general fatigue etc are the common symptoms. Body will produce only decreased amount of urine and that too will be passed in a deep yellow colour. The child suffering from heat stroke should be immediately bathed in cold water, after which the skin should be massaged in order to enhance blood circulation.


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