How to tackle Hunger (Hypoglycaemic) Headaches

Hunger can give you a headache. The risk for hunger headache is all the more if you are suffering from hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose). Hypoglycemia refers to a collection of symptoms that are triggered by an abnormally low plasma glucose level. If you are sure that the headache is simply due to a missed meal, the next full meal will probably cure it. It is advisable to eat meals at regular times.

This is extremely important to lower the glucose level if you are taking insulin or other diabetic drugs. In case of hypoglycemic episodes overnight, a bedtime snack should be eaten. Apart from headaches, hypoglycemia also causes palpitations, headache, tremor, generalized sweating, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and sweating of the palms.

Such patients might also develop emotional distress, higher anxiety, depression and also obsessive-compulsive reactions. In order to find the particular food materials that cause hypoglycemia, you should go for one simple ‘food avoidance and challenge test’. The avoidance test is done for getting a true picture of those food stuffs that causes the symptoms. Suspected foods should be avoided for a fixed period, say ten days. Ensure that you read all the food labels carefully. If you have successfully eliminated your hypoglycemia with the help of the avoidance test, you should now challenge yourself by reintroducing suspected foods in limited amounts.

By closely monitoring the impact made by them on your sugar level, you can easily track down the list of food stuffs that should be completely emitted. Mild hypoglycemia is generally a minor inconvenience that can be controlled well by avoiding the responsible foods and also by the judicial use of effective medicines. If symptoms of hypoglycemia such as headaches and fatigue are too acute, the person should be provided immediately with glucose or sugar. He can be provided with a glass of fruit juice or plain water with three tablespoons of sugar added to it.

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