How to tackle infant cough

Babies are likely to cough now and then. Parents worry that their baby is suffering from pneumonia when they cough constantly. In young children, cough is often preceded or followed by other ailments such as common cold and other respiratory infections.

Often, more important than the mere presence of a cough, is whether the child is showing any other symptoms. These ‘other symptoms’ actually help in determining whether the cough is a serious one or not. The symptoms that should not be left unnoticed include fast or hard breathing, fussiness, fever, decreased appetite etc.

In most cases, pediatricians do not provide your child any cough medicine. Though various infant cold medications are available, cough suppressants for younger children get prescribed rarely. A cool mist humidifier is found to be the most effective home cough remedy that you can provide your child.

The child should be taken to the bathroom and after closing all the windows allow him to take a steam bath by turning on all of the hot water. This is found to be helpful if the child wakes up in the middle of the night with heavy bark-like cough.

Infants should be breastfed more in order to avoid giving him external food options. Iron-fortified infant formulas might also help. If accompanied by a runny nose, a few drops of saline nasal drops in your child’s nostrils will effectively clear away the excess mucus and will provide relief in no time. Nasal aspirator designed exclusively for babies will help in dripping the solution right into the nostrils.

If the child is suffering from asthma and if you think that it is reason for his cough, you can give him some effective child’s asthma action plan in order to help him get instant relief. If he is getting breathless, too irritable, too sleepy or refusing to eat anything, you should certainly seek a doctor’s help.


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