How To Tackle Itching Eyes

Constant itching within the eyes is, by no doubt, a major irritation. Eye allergies are so annoying that your daily routine is likely to be disrupted. Moreover, it makes the eyes reddened. In some cases, a burning sensation is also felt. Even a slight pain within the eyes makes us panic. But, in normal cases itching is no cause of grave concern. It is probably due to eye allergies or allergic conjunctivitis.

In most cases, it is accompanied by other nasal allergic symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling and a stuffy nose. Just like skin rashes, eye allergies also owe their occurrence to a weakened immune system. When our body’s immunity level is low, certain allergens that are otherwise least harmful adversely affect it.

When certain allergens come into direct contact with eyes, some cells in the eye called mast cells are triggered to release histamine and other chemicals. These released substances result in the swelling of the blood vessels present within the eyes. These inflamed blood vessels makes the eyes itchy, watery and red.
Eye allergens are present both indoors and outdoors.

The most common sources of eye allergies are airborne in nature. Pollen is considered as major eye irritant. Some people are sensitive to certain allergens that are seasonal. Such a kind of eye allergy is termed as seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Pet hair, dust mites and molds are some of the most common indoor allergens. These indoor allergens result in eye irritation throughout the year and are thereby result in perennial allergic conjunctivitis. Care sure to cause irritation to the eyes. But, they generally do not function as allergens. However, they make an existing allergic situation worse.

The most tactful method of avoiding eye allergy is complete prevention or avoidance of the allergens that trigger your symptoms. Effective steps such as staying indoors as far as possible during windy hours when pollen counts are at their peak will help in preventing eye allergies.

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