How to tackle menopause

menposepre The onset of menopause brings down the level of estrogen and interrupts the supply of blood to the ovaries. It is typically demonstrated by symptoms like hot flushes, dizziness and weakness accompanied with trembling of limbs.

Changed hormonal levels make it difficult for the body to absorb important constituents of food, particularly calcium.

You have to bring around a few dietary changes to eliminate or diminish the said effects. An increased content of calcium intake is a must, as calcium is needed for maintenance of bones and keeping them in good shape.

Drink more milk, as it is a good natural source of calcium. In case you are not expected to have fat or keep its content low, you may have milk with zero fat or low fat.

Look for other foods with a higher content of calcium. Please take care to have magnesium and Vitamin D simultaneously, as it is difficult for the body to absorb a good amount of calcium unless it is accompanied with these two elements.

To combat pre-menopause symptoms, beetroot juice is considered excellent. Apart from helping one to overcome the said symptoms, it is helpful in reducing or nullifying the side effects of other medicines that you might have been prescribed.

A very good natural source of estrogen is liquorice. So, have a pinch of it everyday. This will help to bring around a balance to decrease hormonal levels in your body.

Daily consumption of seeds of carrot that have been boiled in a glass of milk is known to be helpful to nerves.  Using Indian spikenard can relieve nervous stress as a consequence of menopause. Start taking just two grams of it everyday.

Further, fresh sprouts and milk products should be taken more often. Increase your consumption of water and fresh juices to keep your body well hydrated.

Any day, you are always better off by staying away from animal fat or processed foods. Cooking in olive oil is definitely healthier. Take more of healthier natural food products like alfalfa juice, soy based products, and particularly cabbage. Search the net and look for natural foods rich in calcium, estrogen and progesterone.

Apart from food the other helpful factor is exercise. Make a routine to exercise your body daily. It may be a simple exercise like brisk walking or jogging. You will soon realize that it helps to sleep better and thus keeps the mental stress away.

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