How to tackle muscle pull

Muscle pull refers to the condition in which the muscles are injured due to the traumatic pulling of the concerned fibres. This tearing of the fibres makes the muscles strain hard. Athletes are more prone to this irregularity as their muscles are put to constant strenuous use. Lower back region is one of the most vulnerable spots of muscle pull in athletes.Poor posture is also found to ba common cause of muscle pull.
A sudden or abrupt movement that makes the muscles to stretch hard causes muscle pull.

In such a situation, the muscles might have been forced to cross their point of elasticity. It is natural that such a forceful stretching of muscles result in injuries. Muscle pull might also be the outcome of increased pressure imposed on certain muscles.  Muscle strain as part of car accidents falls in this category.

A person who constantly maintains an improper posture while working on computer is also likely to suffer from back muscle strain. The pain caused by muscle pull gets all the more increased as the surrounding muscles react to the initial tear by stiffening. This is done in order to save the damaged muscle from further injuries.

A severe instance of muscle pull generally requires six weeks to recover completely. However, after a couple of weeks the affected person will get partial relief. As part of the initial treatment, doctors provide adequate support and protection to the affected muscles. The medications provided to the affected person helps in lessening the pain and also minimize inflammation, if any. The injured muscle gradually attains its normal range of flexibility. In some patients, massage therapy is found to be beneficial.

A few measures that help in curing back muscle pull include stretching, maintaining good postures, working on the abdominal muscles, using ice packs, practising yoga and meditation etc. A proper diet that is high in vitamins and minerals also help in bringing faster cure.


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