How to tackle oestrogen fall

Oestrogen plays a vital role in the effective functioning of many body systems. That is exactly why a decline in the production of this hormone leads to many mental and physical disturbances in women. Studies indicate that the oestrogen plays a major role in maintaining cardiovascular health in women.

Premenstrual syndrome is mainly due the fluctuations that occur in the oestrogen level. During the perimenopause stage, oestrogen production falls down without any particular external reason and suddenly goes up as well. After menopause, however, oestrogen level attain normalcy and remains low.

When the oestrogen level in the female body remains high, symptoms such as breast tenderness, water retention in the body, shorter menstrual cycle and irritability are experienced. A fall in the level of oestrogen is also equally troublesome. Some of the symptoms of decreased oestrogen level include hot flashes, sleep irregularities, mood swings, depression, weight gain, bone loss and vaginal dryness.

Though fall in oestrogen level, is normal phenomenon that occurs in women as part of aging, treatment options are now available in order to stabilize hormonal levels. Lifestyle changes, alternative treatments and medical procedures are found to be effective in stabilizing the hormonal levels. Intake of a healthy and nutritious diet along with regular exercise regimen is found to be extremely helpful in tackling the hormonal decline in women effectively.

Many herbal based alternative medicines are also used by some women in improving low oestrogen level. However, it is advisable to seek expert advice before administering such treatments. Among all the different modes of hormone treatment, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is found to be the most popular one.

Through hormone replacement therapy, the altering hormone level in the body is brought back to normalcy at a rapid pace. However, this therapy is found to result in many serious adverse side-effects. Hormone replacement therapy is a very expensive mode of treatment as well.

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