How to tackle osteoporosis

The term ‘osteoporosis’ literally means ‘porous bones’. It is a disease that is characterized by the frequent breaking of bones. As a consequence of this disorder, the bones turn so fragile that they get damaged easily.

All the bones in our body are equally prone to be affected. But, fractures are found to be more common in the hip, spine and wrist since these are the most weight-bearing parts. These fractures, if not treated properly might lead to permanent deformities, intense back pain, loss of height etc.

Up to the age of thirty, the density of bones increases naturally. After this period, we need to take regular exercise and make diet alterations in order to maintain the bone mass. Throughout the lifespan, newer ones continuously replace the older bone cells. But the pace of this replacement gradually decreases after the age of thirty.

That is why regular bone density checkups are considered to be important, as person gets older.
Compared to men, women are found to be more prone to this disorder. Fluctuations in the level of the hormone, estrogen due to the onset of menopause is considered as a major reason. Early hysterectomy that involves the removal of both ovaries is yet another cause of this disorder.

Both men and women who are exposed to the long-term use of certain tablets in high dosages as part of the treatment of arthritis and asthma are found to be under increased osteoporosis threat. Increased consumption of alcohol and constant exposure to cigarette smoke also makes a person more prone to this disorder.

Although treatments are available for osteoporosis, normally it is found that this disease does not get completely cured. Healthy lifestyle, well-balanced diet and the intake of calcium supplements are found to decrease the pace of bone damage. Following a strict exercise regimen as a teenager greatly increases one’s bone mass and effectively reduces the risk of being affected by osteoporosis later in adulthood.


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