How to tackle pimples

Pimples are a nightmare for all of us. It is by no doubt a dreadful sight to note a pimple on your face as you look at the mirror. But, ‘pimples’ continue to haunt us though we wish earnestly to eliminate it. However, with a little care we can certainly minimise the appearance of these ‘tiny monsters’. The skin should always be maintained clean in order to avoid any inflammation on its surface. Skin hygiene is the most simple and practical way to maintain a face devoid of pimple and acne marks.

Never ever try to squeeze or pinch a pimple. True, you are dying to prick it out from your face, but prevent yourself from doing so as it might turn infectious. A pricked pimple is likely to leave a severe scar on your face. Pimples are resulted by a series of hormonal activities, bacterial reactions and dead skin accumulation. So by following a disciplined dietary routine, you can save your face from pimples.

If you are under medication as part of pimple treatment, you need to be extremely patient. Pimple treatments generally take some time to bear fruit.

The kind of facial that you choose for your skin should be based on your skin type. The right facial will help in shrinking the pimples. Oatmeal absorbers are found to be effective in curing pimples. Oatmeal pastes should be washed off from the face after applying for about fifteen minutes. After patting the face dry with a clean towel, oatmeal mixture should be applied. Leave it on that way until it dries off. A moisturiser can then be applied.

Always ensure that your face is not brought in to contact with oil. The make-up that you wear should be completely oil-free in nature. Oily masks block the pores with oil and will thereby result in blemishes on the skin surface.


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