How to tackle shoe bite

Shoe bite is found to be more common in women, when compared to men. The primary reason for this lies in the shoes to which the ‘fairer sex’ exposes their feet. Most women go for narrow, pointed, high-heeled shoes that are often flimsy and designed only for appearance rather than fitness.

Foot problems are often let to wait till they get thoroughly troublesome. Since feet are under constant stress and have to undergo the pressure of bearing the whole body weight, even a small problem can result in serious disasters. Most women wear shoes that are smaller for their feet. Ill-fitting shoes result in painful deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. Shoe bites are also resulted by new shoes that are not of the precise size.

Our feet tend to spread and get larger with age and wear. Yet most of us do not take steps to re-measure the feet size periodically. In order to prevent shoe bite, it is advisable to treat the new shoes properly before use.

Applying a little petroleum jelly within the shoes and leaving it for a night is found to the most effective treatment against shoe bite. Before wearing the shoes, the jelly can be cleaned off with a piece of cloth. Some people apply coconut oil inside the shoes for three consecutive nights in order to soften it and protect the feet from shoe bite.

It is advisable to seek herbal remedies in curing a shoe bite. The golden rule in feet care is that a little care goes a long way. The paste made by mixing neem leaves and turmeric is found to be effective in curing even the most painful shoe bite. Extreme care should be taken in order to prevent secondary infections from developing from the shoe bite. Keep the infected feet clean and hygienic. Ensure that the injured part is cleaned well with lukewarm water. It is advisable to go shopping for shoes in the late afternoon as your feet is likely to swell during the later part of the day.


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