How to tackle sleep problems in children

A child who does not sleep well during nights is sure to make his parents’ life miserable. Of course, being deprived of your own much-needed sleep coupled with the anxiety caused by the crying baby is sure to make you tensed. The fatigue caused by such dreadful nights is sure to make your days horrible.

Children get treated for sleep problems when their sleep pattern causes a definite problem for their parents or for themselves. A child’s inability to go to sleep during the night makes it necessary for the concerned parents to stay awake during the night. Other sleep problems include sleep terrors, sleepwalking and bedwetting. Sleep irregularities should not be left unnoticed as they might serve as pointers to internal irregularities. Loud snoring during the night might be due to some or other respiratory trouble. Experts consider falling asleep too early or too late in the evening, being irritable or sleepy during the day and waking up too early or too late in the morning also as sleep disorders.

Since it is practically difficult to know whether the sleep that the child gets is adequate, doctors consider his behaviour as the standard. An excessively sleepy child is sure to behave in a cranky manner. However, symptoms of insufficient sleep are extremely subtle in children. It is normally believed that a child who sleeps for eight hours during the night will have enough energy stored for his activities during the day.

Even if your child wakes up several times during the night, it will not affect his normal routine if lets himself to be put back to sleep. However, if there is a definite reason behind the child’s constant waking up, then it certainly should be corrected. A bad sleeper is sure to make his parents frustrated, helpless, worried and annoyed. A baby who sleeps undisturbed during night actually breeds peace and happiness in the family.


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