How to tackle teenage

Many parents, especially those with teenage kids, consider the term ‘parenting’ to be associated with strict intimidations and disciplined control. This is certainly not the right approach. Parenting is all about providing your child with adequate space for growth.

He or she should be guided in such a way that they mature into responsible adults. It should be understood that teen years are the most difficult period in a child’s life. In this stage he finds himself excluded both from the world of children and also from that of adults.

Such emotional crisis together with hormonal imbalances caused in the body as a natural outcome of the onset of puberty, makes him defiant and mean-spirited. Parents should take his frequent mood swings as a natural phenomenon, without giving it undue importance. You should accept that your child is being transformed both physically and mentally.

Parents should understand that during the stage of adolescence, your child is going through a process of neuronal pruning. During the teenage years, the brain is getting rid of all the neuronal networks that are not in use.

It is essential that you develop a friendly bond with your child. He should feel secure in your company and should be able to share his heart’s feelings with you. It is your duty to make him understand your love, concern and care for him. Make him aware how anxious you are about his safety.

Convince him that you are always there for him, whatever comes. However, it is not advisable to take out your podium and lecture him. By no chance should you allow yourself to be disconnected from your child emotionally.

Of course, you will be having your own reasons for keeping away from him, such as your professional and other responsibilities. But always ensure that your ears are kept open for him and you listen to his problems with a friendly and compassionate heart.


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