How to tackle the under eye dark circles

Under eye dark circles is found to be one of the most common cosmetic complaint. Cosmologists, consider that nine out of every ten people have dark circles beneath their eyes at some stage of their lives.With sincere and consistent effort, the darkness can certainly be eliminated and can make the eyes sparkle out with brightness. However, it is quite natural for sharp-nosed people with deep-set eyes to have that look of darkness in their eye circles.

The most common cause of dark circle is hereditary. In some people, it occurs as an allergic reaction to certain medications. Lifestyle also makes a direct influence on your facial glow. The increased intake of coffee, soda and caffeine-based beverages will lead to the formation of dark circles round the eyes.

Smoking is yet another culprit. A healthy diet, rich in nutritious content, is sure to minimize the darkness of the circles. It should be ensured that your daily diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables.
People who loss their sleep due to some reason or other are also likely to develop dark lines under the eyes.

By preventing yourself from staying awake during the midnight hours will help in eradicating the under eye lines. Intense stress and increased tension also get mirrored on your face in the form of the dark under eyeshades. Hormonal imbalance is yet another likely reason.

In that case, it is important to seek medical aid to bring back the lost balance to your hormonal system. Eye massage along with lighter foundation creams will effectively help you in concealing those dark under eye lines.

Ensure that you get the service of a good masseur, as the skin beneath the eyes is soft and delicate. A good eye massage will help in enhancing the blood circulation to the area around the eyes and will thereby help in regaining the lost glow to the skin from within.


2 thoughts on “How to tackle the under eye dark circles

  1. eyeslicesverve says:

    Interesting may be interested in our product, which uses black elder and aloe ferox as key ingredients for soothing puffyiness and reducing dark circles under eyes..

  2. kim s says:

    All eye creams seem to come in tiny .5oz / 15ml containers – which is a waste of money…i like the Made from Earth Olive Night creme because its a large 2 ounce container and has worked WONDERS under my eyes and wrinkles on the sides of my face.

    I really enjoy the Olive Night creme – I use it as an under eye cream as recommended by their website. My routine has been putting some of the cream along my lower lid and then gently rubing under my eyes before i go to bed at night. The cream stays put, and doesn’t get into my eyes. It also doesn’t have any fumes or aromas to make my eyes water since it is organic and chemical free. I’m the one whose eyes will tear if our cat wanders next to me and rubs my shoulder, so my eyes are generally rather sensitive.

    I use this each morning and evening. I really can tell the difference, that my eyes look less tired, that the skin looks more healthy. And really, it makes sense. All skin needs moisture to stay healthy. That skin beneath and around your eyes is extremely thin, so if any skin on your body is going to show dehydration first, it would be your eyes. People look at your eyes all the time when they talk to you, so they notice that pretty quickly.

    The downside of course is that eye cream is rather pricey – but again, for the above reasons, I don’t think it’s as bad as it might seem at first. You use tiny amounts. The cream is specially formulated to be safe for use near your eyes, and to be light enough to absorb into that delicate skin. You really DO need to take care of that skin area in a special way, since the skin is so delicate. And it’s well worth it to do that, since people who talk to you are generally looking at your face and your eyes when they do so.

    I tend to be frugal, but this is one of the areas where I think taking good care of yourself is worth it in the long run. I bought from the website because I believe they only have stores in London and New York – highly recommended for healthy women looking for an under eye with proven results!

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