How to tackle threadworm menace.

Threadworms scientifically referred to, as Enterobius vermicularis are similar to wriggling pieces of white cotton thread in appearance. They are less than13 mm in length. They live in rectum and are generally harmless. Threadworms are extremely common in children and might spread to the entire family. Eggs of the worm are usually stuck under the fingernails. From the hand, the eggs easily find their way to the stomach through mouth. Children who have the habit of thumb sucking are more likely to be affected. Threadworms might also be transferred by the use of common bath towels.

The most common symptom of threadworms is a tickling or itching sensation around the anal area especially at night. Disrupted sleep pattern in children might be due to threadworm infection. Some kids develop sore bottoms as well. When anus gets injured, secondary infections are likely. In case of prolonged infection, certain other symptoms also develop. This includes loss of appetite, weight loss and insomnia. Enuresis is yet another likely complication of threadworm infection.

If pregnant mothers are infected with threadworms, there is no need for panic since the baby is well protected within the womb. Medications along with strict hygienic practices for the entire family will save you from further complications. However, medications meant for threadworm treatment such as mebendazole are not considered to be safe during pregnancy. Effective hygienic measures will see to it that the infection does not pop up again.

Bathing properly with an effective cleansing soap daily after getting up from bed is the most basic of hygienic measures to be taken. Always ensure that the hands are properly washed before taking food. Hands should be washed well after every visit made to the toilet. It is also important that kitchen is kept hygienic and clean. No compromise should be made and it should be strictly ensured that children are sticking to rules of personal hygiene set by parents.Maintaining short and neatly cut nails is also very vital in eradicating the disease completely.


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