How to tackle toe fungus

The infectious toenail fungi gain entry through a small trauma in the nail. They flourish in the moist environment inside one’s socks and shoes. It is found that some people are more prone to toe nail fungus than others. People with poor feet hygiene, other nail disorders, abnormal pH level of the skin, decreased immunity etc form the easily vulnerable group. Foot specialists opine that Toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) is one of the most common problems that they attend to.

Toenail fungi thrive in moist areas by the side of public bathrooms, swimming pools, spas, showers etc. For a short duration of time, they can live in between the tile floors as well. When a naïve victim accidentally steps on such tiles, they pick up the spores. Wearing sandals or water shoes while you go to such places is the most effective way of avoiding toe fungi. Never allow your feet to come into direct contact with the floor. After your swimming session, make sure to wash your feet thoroughly in clean water and dry them up with a warm towel. Of course, prevention is the best possible cure.

But, what if you have become a hapless victim already? In that case you need to follow certain tips. The first one is to wear natural cotton socks. Such socks will absorb moisture from your feet and will also ensure free passage of air. A person with toe fungus should not share his towel or any other bathroom accessories with others. After using a toilet tissue to clean the affected part, it should be thrown away. Keep away from nail paints until your toes are fully cured. Choose shoes with air-breather holes on its sides. Plastic shoes are not a good option, as they do not allow air exchange. It is advisable to sprinkle an anti-bacterial powder into your shoes before wearing it. Toenails should be cut short and should be kept tidy. Never forget to wash and clean the affected toes daily.


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