How to tackle toothaches

Most of us have experienced the agony caused by a decaying tooth. If you have gone through the suffering, you are sure to agree that it is the worst pain you have ever experienced. Toothaches are the result of several factors. The throbbing pain that roots from the damaged tooth will normally intensify as time passes. Slowly, you will experience the pain when you eat, or drink hot/cold liquids. Toothaches can be due to cavities, debris that trapped between the teeth and gums, infections etc. It is always wise to get the toothache treated before it is too long. If the infection spreads, the tooth will have to pulled or pierced out.

If your dentist catches the problem well in advance, together you will be able to save the tooth. Self-medications such as painkillers might provide immediate relief but you are sure to get back the pain sooner or later. Dentists will always try to save the tooth and will pull them out only if no other option is left.

If pus has developed around the infected tooth you are likely to be put on antibiotics for a definite period according to the extent of damage. Only after the infection gets subsided will the tooth be removed.

An untreated tooth often results in swelling. If left untreated for a certain period, a damaged tooth is likely to develop pus. Bacteria make the tooth pulp battered and toxins are produced. If proper aid is still not given, the infection gradually spreads to the jawbone below the tooth and the condition worsens. The adjacent tissues get swollen and in this stage certain symptoms such as fever, malaise and swollen lymph nodes might occur.

The only way to get such a facial swelling removed is dental extraction or root canal. In order to drain away the infection completely, surgery is also done in some cases. Antibiotics also get prescribed. However, it is wise to consult a dentist as soon as possible since toothaches might even be due to non-dental reasons.


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