How to tackle unwanted hair growth

Excess hair growth, termed as hirsutism, is an extremely common cosmetic concern faced by women. It often appears in places where men usually have body hair. Unwanted hair in women grows on upper lip, chin, the chest (including around the nipples), the tops of the shoulders and the lower abdomen. This hair is usually dark and coarse and is different in texture from the fine hair on the head. The hair that grows on the upper lip of women gains a maximum length of one centimetre. They pose a serious cosmetic threat, as they turn dark in colour.

The major reasons for this excessive hair growth include hormonal changes, imbalanced diet, certain illnesses and the use of certain medications. These factors trigger the growth of unwanted hair, which can be medically removed or minimised with certain treatments. Some of these treatments results in temporary removal of hair strands where as some others take off the unwanted hair permanently.

Bleaching the hair makes it is less visible. This is usually done in case of the hair strands that have grown on the upper lip area. An even more cheap method is to shave it off. But, shaving might result in increased growth of hair, which will again have to be shaved off. Excess hair can either be plucked away or waxed off. Laser treatment is also done in order to get rid of the excess hair. If your obese body is suffering from hormonal imbalances, the right method to remove the excess facial hair is to lose weight systematically.

Electrolysis is one of the most common procedures that are being done by women to remove the unwanted hair. In this method, an electric current is utilised to prevent the hair growth permanently. It is, however, a gradual process since each of the hair follicles is treated individually. Some women find the treatment as uncomfortable. Always ensure that you consult a qualified practitioner to do electrolysis on your body hair.


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