How to tackle varicocele

Varicocele relates to a testicular disorder that is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the scrotum veins. This irregularity is caused by defective blood valves that result in compressed veins. This ultimately makes the testicular veins dilated and forms a varicocele.

The exact reason behind the improper functioning of valves in the veins along the spermatic cord still remains unknown. The defect in the valve result in the backward flow of blood and the pressure inside the veins get mounted.  The damage occurs to the testicular tissue, commonly towards the left side.

This disorder is mostly found in men between the age group of fifteen and twenty. This irregularity props up during the puberty period. During puberty, testicles develop at a rapid pace and fall in need of increased blood. So, any defect in the functioning of veins in the scrotum prevents the blood from reaching the testicles. This deformity results in the formation of a varicocele.

The development of varicoceles is usually a slow process and no external symptoms are seen. However, some men experience a dull ache within the testicles as they lift up heavy objects.  A drag-like feel in the
scrotum and dilated veins are yet other characteristic features of this disorder. Overall discomfort is felt at the testicular area.

In most cases, a physical examination by an expert doctor reveals a twisted, non-tender mass just above the patient’s testicle. The doctor will be able to feel the swelling on the nerves when the patient is standing up.

Scrotal ultrasound will also provide a true picture of the abnormally enlarged veins. Scanning is generally opted when the doctor fails to understand the situation through physical examination. Non-surgical alternatives such as varicocele embolization are increasingly becoming popular in the place of to painful varicocele surgery. Such alternatives save one from the risks related to general anaesthesia, incisions in the scrotum, or sutures.

2 thoughts on “How to tackle varicocele

  1. rima says:

    if a guy is always feeling discomfort irritations that cause him contineous itching on his testicles
    and at the same time i can see purple colored clear veins on his testicles
    is that a symptom of varicocele?

  2. sselvam says:

    My ultra scan report says.. mild varicocele at rest and increases on vulsulva on both the side..

    Impression: mild bilateral varicocele.

    Can you please let me know what precaution should be taken or what is the remedy to get cured, mean any sort of exercise.

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