How to tackle weight stigmas

Obesity is now being described as “a medical emergency of hurricane like proportions” that is wreaking havoc “on our families, on our society and on our health care system.” Compared to overweight men, obese women fall easy victims to weight stigmatization. It begins at a very young age itself and continues in the guise of professional discrimination. It is yet to be found out why the anti-fat biases are more damaging to women. However, it is for sure that our society shows a tendency to place women within the set standards of beauty, than men. Women naturally have to meet higher expectations of physical fitness. Though our society claims to have acquired gender parity, weight stigma continues to affect the lives of obese women more adversely than that of their male counterparts.

However, now a counter argument is slowly, but strongly evolving. This is based on fat acceptance. The core point of this argument is that a fat person need not necessarily be unhealthy. In the same way, a slim person need not be a healthy individual. Such a view-point demands the reconsideration of the very definition of health. The believers of this theory argue that much more reliable measures should be marked on the ‘scale of health’. Modern studies published by ‘The Archives of Internal Medicine’, reports that one-third of the obese lot were out of the risk zone of coronary disorders and diabetes, the diseases that are generally associated with obesity. ‘‘If you are ready to accept yourself and your ‘wonderful’ size, then whom to bother?’’ is the general attitude of fat -acceptance activists. According to them, weight-loss goals are practically futile and most redundant.

However, time alone can prove whether their argument is worthy to be accepted or not. But, it is indeed a confidence-boost dose to those obese people who are caught under the clutches of weight stigma. If you strongly believe that your fatness is solely your business and not that of anyone else’s; half the emotional battle is won.


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