How to tackle your double chin

doublechin Double chin is a chubby layer of skin hanging below your chin. The facial look of a woman can be improved by many techniques like make up, cosmetic surgery and surgical operations but double chin cannot be lifted easily by means of surgery or cosmetics. That’s where double chin is not easy to get rid off.

Double chin is most common in obese and elderly people although people with average weight and skinny appearances can also have double chin. It depends upon the facial bone structure and the amount of loose skin.

People who do not have sharp jaw line or don’t exercise regularly can also have double chin. Double chin can be removed by undergoing cosmetic surgery where the surgeon removes the fat under the chin and shortens the muscle under the jaw. But there is a better way to get rid of double chin and that’s the natural way-doing facial exercises.

Now let us find what we can do to get rid of double chin. Science has proved that processing calories is what ages our bodies the most, so consume less of calories and you will find less of fat on your face. Burn off excessive calories from your body by indulging in activities like running, biking, stair climbing and weight lifting.

Lie on your back straight with hands on floor near your thighs. Now try to press your chin towards your chest. Follow the same procedure for 20-25 times daily. You can feel the results within 2 weeks. While doing this exercise, make sure that the rhythm of your breath is same as the rhythm of your motions. Breath in while lifting your head and breath out while laying back.

Try to extend the tip of your tongue towards the base of your nose. Repeating this 20-25 times daily will help a lot in reducing your double chin. You can also slap the area under your chin with ice-cold water.

Repeat 10-15 times daily for better results. You can also stroke your neck with your fingers from throat towards chin using a cold cream. Rotate your neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.This strengthens the neck muscles. Make sure that you always walk with a good posture keeping your chin up.


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