How to take care of a one-year old child

Happy birthday to your one year old little prince or princess! This is the stage in which your child is exploring his newly acquired skill of mobility. He is becoming increasingly aware of himself and his environment. It is quite natural for the child to exhibit defiant behavior during this time. He will also start to recognize himself in the mirror. Be cautious, as you are constantly under keen observation by your child. He is sure to copy your mannerisms and style.

Though he might not be very interested during the early stages, keep reading books to your kid. Ensure that the book that you select for reading is adored with bright big pictures. Your toddler is now in a position to identify the names of familiar people and objects. You can make him understand simple phrases and sentences. Mentioning the name of a distant object and letting him fetch it for you is indeed a joyous sight to watch. As you keep talking with the child, without putting in much effort you are developing his communication skills by familiarizing him with your language. Taking him for tips to parks help him in recognizing common objects.

As they turn one year, children are likely to be extremely curious. Let them explore their surroundings, but it is your responsibility to ensure their safety.   Ensure that doors to places of danger such as garage or basement are kept locked. Attach a small gate in order to block his access to stairs. It is extremely important to ensure that all your plugs have plug covers. Needless to say, all kitchen appliances, heaters, pens, scissors and such other objects should be kept out of children’s reach.

Once he crosses the one year mark, he finds himself to be a grown up and wants to share the meal with the rest of his family. It is important that you inculcate good food habits in your child. However, what all food materials he can be fed with after one year largely depends upon his physique and the number of teeth grown. It is advisable to consult a pediatrician before making decisions on the kind of food stuffs to which your child should be exposed to.


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