How to take care of bowed legged babies

Babies are all normally born with their legs bowed. Their legs get curved as a result of the cramping strain that they put in during the nine months of foetal life. During the process of labour also, their knees are set wide apart in order to make room for their head to come out. The wad of diaper that is kept constantly within their thighs, also keep their legs apart.   But, most new parents bring it under the notice of their paediatrician during the routine checkups. However, most doctors let nature take its time in straightening the baby legs.

Most babies have bowed legs with their tows pointed outward for balance. There is absolutely no need to worry over this as it is quite normal. Their legs will get straightened naturally as they learn to walk. The tender leg muscles will develop as they make their initial steps. The muscles will then start bearing the weight of the young body. During this process, the knees will naturally come closer together. Between the age of one and three, the leg will attain the straightened posture.  In between, the knees might reach a knock-kneed stage as the feet rotate to parallel.

However, a child who walks early will get his legs straightened much earlier when compared to a late walker. Similarly, a heavier child is likely to have a greater ‘bow’ in their legs than a thinner child. However, though rare, knee problems are also found in some children. If not corrected at the right time, they might lead to severe knee complications during adulthood. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor if the bowed leg condition persists even after the age of three. In such a situation, the child should be taken to a paediatric orthopaedist. If the curvature appears in the upper and/or lower legs, then special care should be taken to rule out the possibility of a leg deformity.


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  1. lizzi says:

    my baby is 18 months now, she has started to walk late at 13 months and she is taller than most kids her age. some family members think that her legs are slightly bowed, and I always thought that eventually they will straiten up. thanks for this useful feature.

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