How to take care of ears

Ear infections happen to most kids before they turn two. It is one of the most common childhood problems. It results in pain and sometimes, fever. Mostly, infection occurs either in the outer or in the middle ear region.

Ear infections are usually caused when some irregularity occurs at the Eustachian tubes. These tubes are located between the middle ear and the throat. It is through these tubes that air is let in and out of the middle ear. Kids who are less than three have smaller tubes and are there by less capable of keeping the germs out. As the kids get older, the tubes increase in length and the chances of getting ear infection decreases. But problems are likely to pop up, when cold and such other respiratory ailments occur. In such a situation, the Eustachian tubes get blocked and germs get into the middle ear. These germs multiply and as a result, ear infection is caused.

Ear infection does not spread from a person to another, though you might have caught the cold, its root cause, from others. Ear infection, if not properly taken care of can lead to difficulty in hearing. If you suspect your ear to be infected, it should certainly be brought under an ear specialist’s care. Ear pain relievers are available at drug stores.

The most likely cause of ear pain is bacterial infection. In such a case, antibiotics usually get prescribed. It is important to take the entire course of medicine without fail, as ear infection is likely to reoccur if not completely cured. In case of frequent ear infection, certain other tests involving medical equipments such as tympanogram and audiogram can be made use of.

It is found that keeping away from cigarette smoke is helpful in preventing ear infection. Cigarette smoke causes blocks in the Eustachian tubes. As far as possible, try to stay away from people infected with cold and such other infectious respiratory ailments.

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