How to take care of pre-pregnancy health

Nutritious diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices are the three factors that should go hand in hand while you are expecting a baby. It is important that you go through all the periodical pre-natal hospital checkups and scans.

However, in today’s world, it is advisable to prepare for pregnancy well in advance. If you are having plans to get pregnant soon, why not make some healthy changes in your daily routine? You are sure to benefit from these alterations that are made in your lifestyle and diet during the pre-pregnancy period.

It is better to consult a health care provider as you plan to get pregnant. During such a visit, the health expert will enlighten you on the various lifestyles and diet changes that need to be made, after analysing your medical history.

It is extremely important that such a pre-pregnancy visit to the health expert is made if you happen to have a history of abortions, birth defects or genetic problems. People with sexually transmitted infections and other ailments that are likely to be transmitted to the foetus should also consult a doctor well in advance.

Pre-pregnancy care greatly helps such women with certain physical irregularities such as obesity, which makes falling pregnant all the more difficult. Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking is sure to harm the pregnant woman and her baby.

Pregnancy makes a visible rise in your body weight since your bloated tummy will demand more food and water. On an average, an increase of about three hundred calories will have to be made in your diet daily. It is extremely important that the food you eat during this period is high in its nutrition level.

It is advisable to get used to a balanced diet containing all the different food factors in the right proportion as you plan to get pregnant. Including more fiber, lots of water, fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet will help in you saving your body from pregnancy-related disorders such as swollen feet an constipation.


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