How to take care of sensitive skin

The sensitivity level of the skin varies from one person to another. Sensitive skin refers to thin skin type that is fine-textured. Such a skin type reacts abruptly to both heat and cold weather conditions. As a result, sun and wind make burns on such people easily. Sensitive skin is most often dry and extremely prone to allergies.

Temperature fluctuations, detergents, cosmetics and alcohol-based deodorants and perfumes can all cause irritation on the skin surface. These allergens make the sensitive skin red and blotchy. The surface veins are all easily visible in this case.

It is important that people with sensitive skin take extreme care while selecting their cosmetic products. Always ensure that your sunscreen lotions and creams do not contain any potential allergen. It is advisable to use baby soaps and powder. Immediately after bath, ensure that all the moisture from the body is removed with a soft towel. Rough towels are sure to irritate your skin.

Before using any particular make-up, try a little of it within your palms or on your wrist. Observe how your skin reacts to the particular make-up or perfume before applying it on the body. Homemade face packs will suit the purpose more ideally.

The list of essential oils that is found to be good on sensitive skin includes chamomile, lavender, rose and sandalwood. People with sensitive skin should accept the fact that the tolerance level of their skin is extremely low. It is always wise to avoid contact with chemicals and other allergens that makes the skin reddened.

They should understand that products, which make no reaction on people with normal skin, might irritate the skin and lead to reactions on their body that range from mild to severe. It is advisable for sensitive-skinned people to stick to natural and herbal cosmetic products, as skin allergies are likely to be minimal. Hot and spicy foods are also found to make a negative effect on sensitive-skinned people.


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