How to take care of split ends

Split ends are sure to spoil the look of your hair locks, however beautiful and silky they may be. The reasons for the awful split ends are many. It is always better to prevent them from appearing in your hair as once formed they are sure to damage your hair. The traditional method of burning the hair ends to save it from split ends will only be helpful in worsening the condition.

Split ends cannot be patched up. The most effective means of getting rid of them is to chop off the hair ends. The recurrence of this menace can be successfully checked by getting a hair trim once in a couple of months. It is not a good idea to leave them untreated, as they are likely to climb up and spoil the whole hair strand.

Most of the products available in the market somehow seal the ends by coating them. But, in most cases, the split ends reappear soon after washing or brushing the hair. A more enduring solution is the intensive conditioning treatments that help in reconstructing the hair shafts.

But, the most practical and permanent means of tackling the menace is to avoid them by cutting down the ends. If you happen to have dry hair, the more likely you are to develop split hair ends. However, taking good care of hair will help in preventing the ends from getting split. Over brushing and severe backcombing is likely to result in split ends. In no way should the hair cuticles be disturbed.

It is not advisable to brush your hair immediately after a shower while it is still wet.  Hair colouring, by no doubt is trendy. But it is sure to harm your hair, if proper care is not taken. Colouring makes your hair more vulnerable to split ends. Ensure that coloured hair is exposed only to specially designed hair products. It is always advisable to avoid the usage of heated hair
appliances as far as possible.


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