How to take care of umbilical cord

Umbilical cord relates to the bridge of connectivity made between the mother and her foetus. Babies receive nourishment and breathing air through the placenta while they are still inside their mother’s womb. The placenta is linked to the baby by the umbilical cord. Once the baby is delivered, umbilical cord loses its relevance and is clamped and cut close to the body. This is an absolutely painless procedure as the cord is devoid of nerve cells.

Usually, the stump will get completely dried and will fall off with in a period of fifteen days. It might take a minimum of eight days and a maximum of twenty-one days to drop off and heal completely.
Special care should be taken while the stump is still fastened to the child’s body. It must always be kept clean and well dried. Ensure that the baby’s diaper do not irritate the clamped cord.

The cord should be kept exposed to air, but not to urine. It is quite normal to find traces of blood as the stump falls off. It is advisable to avoid giving your baby tub baths before the stump drops off.  Enough air circulation in the area will help in the easy healing of the small wound left behind by the fallen cord.

No attempt should be made to pull off the cord. It might look a bit ugly but be thankful since it was this cord, which once served as the lifeline of your baby and keep your hands from stripping it off. In some kids, some bits of lumpy flesh will remain after the cord falls off. There is absolutely no need to worry over it since it will take own time to get healed. In order to prevent infection, pediatricians sometimes prescribe certain antiseptic lotions that should be applied after cleaning it with a cotton swab.


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