How to take of your child when he is suffering from fever

It is indeed a tough task to manage your child when he is suffering from fever. The sight of your child in pain is heart breaking. The irritated child is sure to cry for long during day and remain sleepless during nights. But, it is essential that you provide him with the right medication despite his struggle to avoid medicines.

It is always advisable to use a digital thermometer to check the child’s body temperature. It not only gives a precise reading but also is safe from toxic elements. In children who are less than four years of age, rectal temperature can be taken.

While taking the temperature, ensure that the child is not bundled up too tightly. If you are taking the rectal temperature, the tip of the thermometer should be coated with petroleum jelly. Half an inch of the instrument should be inserted into the rectum. Hold the digital thermometer in place till it beeps. The reading can then be taken. Ensure that the thermometer is properly washed in cold water after every use.

Fevers indicate that the body is fighting against some infection. As the temperature rises to more than 100.2°F, the child is likely to be irritated and fussy. The dosage of medicine generally depends upon the age and weight of the child. In order to prevent dehydration, the child should be given plenty of fluids. Constant vomiting, diarrhoea, swollen joints, soft spots on head, dry mouth, skin rashes, sore throat, stiff neck etc should be considered as warming signs. If you notice any of these irregularities, immediate medical aid should be ensured.

It is common for children suffering from fever to lose their appetite and show irritability by continuous crying. Breathing difficulty, seizures and wheezing should also be brought under the doctor’s notice. If the fever persists continuously for more than three days, it is important to ensure no further complication has developed.


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