How To Trap Skin Moisture

During winter your skin demands certain changes in your normal skin care routine. The drop in humidity level together with the dry winds make direct attacks on the skin surface. As a result, a condition commonly called “winter itch” is resulted.

Many of us tend to use the same moisturiser through out the year. One of the first rules of winter skin care is to make such product purchases that help you in adapting to the change in weather conditions. Your light water-based conditioner should give place for an occlusive moisturizer. During winter season, it is important that your moisturiser is one based on oil and cream.

In that case, the thicker constitution of such moisturisers helps in trapping the skin moisture effectively inside the skin. It is advisable to go for such creams that contain vitamins and other essential ingredients for a healthy and supple skin.

During winter season, ensure that your skin is not being washed with hot water. Soon after a shower or bath an appropriate moisturiser should be applied in order to lock the moisturizer that has set in. The skin should be exfoliated at least once a week. Only then will you be able to get rid of the dry cells.

Newer skin cells need to be uncovered in order to deal with the harsh winter air. Make sure that your wash is a gentle one. While removing the make up, special care should be taken to ensure that the skin does not lose much of its natural oils. During winter, you will love nothing more than a warm bath. But, it is not advisable to expose the skin to heat for more than ten minutes.

Soaps and such other deodorant bars should be avoided. Your skin will love to be refreshed with a hydrating cleanser during the bath. It is also essential to drinks lots and lots of water daily during winter days.

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