How to treat curly hair that is too dry

Most of us suffer from dry and brittle hair. Frizzy hair is caused by the deficiency of moisture content. Modern studies in this regard have made it clear that brittle hair is caused by the lack of natural oils.Hair that has been exposed to bleaches and other alkaline concentrates will remain dry even though it is pampered with hot oils. But, if your hair remains untreated with strong chemicals, then hot oil treatments might turn out to be beneficial.

Curly haired people have got a curvature on their hair follicles. If you have curly hair, the cuticles are likely to get damaged easier when treated with a bad conditioner. The hair attains a smooth appearance only when the cuticles are in good health condition. In curly haired people, the layers of cuticles will remain lifted permanently.  That is why the hair remains coarse and brittle and has a lifeless look.  The porosity of such hair strands will also be minimal. Hair with less porosity fails to absorb moisture and retain it. This makes the hair increasingly drier.

Hot oil treatments should always be based on essential oils. If not treated properly, only the top of the cuticles will be coated. If not effectively penetrated, the hair strands will not be benefited. Once the hair is coated, the moisture content will not be able to pierce into the strands. Though the hair is badly in need of it, moisture will not be able to reach it as it cannot effectively penetrate through the cuticle layer.

Healthy hair that shines needs a moisture content of minimum eight per cent. It also requires protein and natural oils in the precise ratio. However, the body has its own ways of supplying the natural oils to the hair follicles in the form of sebum. So, moisture alone needs to be provided to them under normal conditions.


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