How to Use a Bulb Syringe for a Babys Nose

The life of a new mother is likely to be a mixture of joyous apprehensions and anxious worries. Her days are sure to be made hectic by her little prince. Her days get all the more tensed and tiring if the baby happens to fall sick. An irritated baby who goes on crying is, no doubt, tough to be handled. But, in most cases, you are left with no other option but to be patient and caring.

Common cold is a common ailment that children are likely to develop. All of a sudden, you find your baby getting frustrated over his blocked nose. You are at a loss, not knowing how to help him out. He still being a baby, you cannot ask him to blow his nose out. A nasal syringe is the best tool that you can equip yourself with, in order to handle this situation.

Nasal congestion gets effectively cleared with such a baby’s syringe. You need to ensure that the babies are breathing properly at least during the feeding time.

The rubber bulb fixed at the end of the tool helps in pulling out the mucus from his little nostrils. Before trying it upon the baby, attempt squeezing and releasing the bulb a few times. When you finally feel confident to do it on the baby, hold him in an upright position.

The baby’s head can then be placed either in your arms or on a firm pillow. Holding him in a propped up position with one hand, slowly squeeze out air from the bulb using your other hand. Hold the tool tightly and then carefully insert it into his nose. Release the ball and watch it getting filled up with air again. As it gets bloated, the resultant suction will squeeze out the collected mucus. The process should then be repeated in the other nostril as well.


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