How to use apple cider or vinegar to cure acne?

You must have noticed when your mom adds vinegar to your food it adds tangy taste to it. That’s right anything which adds a tang to your food is basically rich in Vitamin C. apple cider or vinegar both have acne curing properties. It helps to demote the growth of acne causing bacteria and reduce its effect. It maintains the PH balance of your skin and helps to maintain its natural moisture and tone.

1) Before applying apple cider or simple vinegar on your skin make sure you clean your skin nicely and pat it dry.

2) Take a cotton ball and dip it into the apple cider or vinegar, apply it directly to your skin.

If you feel inflammation of itchy then add a little bit of water next time. Apply the apple cider or vinegar for about ten minutes. Let it dry and rinse off completely. You will see the difference yourself. It will add to the shine of your skin and make it flawless and glowing. You will feel happy and so will your skin. Apply the mixture and let the skin speak for it self. You can find apple cider or vinegar at a nearby store. They are cheap and easy to get.

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