How to use baking powder acne treatment?

Acne and pimples are mainly caused due to presence of dirt and filth on your face. Our face gets exposed to various particles in the air. We go out in pollution and bear the harsh sun rays and chemicals present in the air.

Our skin needs personal attention everyday or else it may get weak and become prone to pimples, allergies and black heads. To protect our skin from all these diseases and to help it regain its natural tone, color and moisture you have to keep an eye over it and maintain it everyday.

I will give you a cheap ingredient present in every kitchen. Baking powder, it is cheap and easily available. Take a tea spoon of baking powder, either use water for dilution or milk. Apply it over your face and rub it gently. It will act as a scrub and helps you remove dead skin and dirt coagulated in the pores. You can even keep the mixture on for few minutes and dry it for a while and then rinse off and pat dry.

Try this remedy every alternate day to keep your skin free from dead cells and dirt. You can go to nearby grocery store to purchase it if you don’t have it at your home.

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