How to use cucumber for treating acne?

Cucumber has been associated with facial treatments and packs since decades. Various parlors and saloons make use of this vital vegetable because of its effective properties. Cucumber is famous for providing freshness and cooling effect to your face. It adds to your shine and makes your skin flawless.

You can use cucumber juice as an astringent to clean your face. Also if you have been out for a long and have developed a tan then applying mashed or grated cucumber on your face for 20 minutes to give your face a cool and soothing effect. The main role of cucumber is in toning. It helps to tone your skin and add to your complexion. Various lotions containing cucumber are available in the market today. You can even get soaps or face washes containing cucumber.

You can purchase a lotion or make a home made home pack. The best part is that you can even eat it in raw form to give fiber to your body.

Take two big slices of cucumber and keep them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You will feel relaxed and all your tension will fly away like wind. Applying cucumber regularly helps you to stay way from black heads and pimples.

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