How to use table salt in acne treatment?

Table salt a common ingredient found at every home. Rich or poor, the only thing which is consumed by everyone in equal is common salt. Little must you know that apart from giving taste to the food and make it worth eating it has various medicinal properties as well. It is very effective in treating acne and pimples. Since it is a spice you may feel little inflammation but it will help you get rid of that acne which makes you look ugly and terrible.

All you need to do is take some table salt and add a pinch of water in it. After washing your face apply the mixture on the pimple affected area. Run gently over that area. Let it dry for ten minutes. Wash off the mixture after ten minutes.

Pat it dry with towel. You will see the visible results in just 7 days.
Very few people are aware about the medicinal properties of table salt. You can also use table salt as a scrub for daily use. All you need to do is take mixture of table and water and use it on your entire face and gently rub all over your face to remove dead cells.

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