How to use vaginal rings

The contraceptive vaginal rings are soft plastic rings that need to be placed into the vagina once in a month. It should be left there for three weeks and should then be taken out during one week in a month. In order to get the ring removed, a finger should be hooked over the ring and should then be pulled out. Vaginal rings are easy to be removed.

After the removal of the previous one, a new ring should be inserted. Vaginal rings are found to be effective in preventing pregnancy. But, it is not capable of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

The vaginal ring functions with the help of two hormones – oestrogen and progesterone. It is similar to contraceptive pills in the mode of functioning. However, compared to the pills, the dosage of hormone releases is less in the case of vaginal rings. These hormones see to it that ovulation does not happen. Without ovulation, egg will not be released. Moreover, cervical mucus is also thickened in order to ensure that no sperm cell passes through. For increased safety, the uterus lining is also altered, so that the egg cannot grow on its inner walls.

It is not advisable to pull out the device when you have sex. If in case, it is taken out ensure that it is put back in place within three hours.

If used correctly, vaginal rings are found to be extremely effective in majority of cases. The greatest advantage of vaginal rings is that like pills, they are also least painful to use. Moreover, the risk for uterine and ovarian cancers is also found to be lower in those who use vaginal rings as their mode of prevention. Since the dosage of hormones released is comparatively lower, side effects such as nausea, breast soreness and bleeding between periods is also minimal. However, certain women experiences headache, brown patches on the face, increased vaginal discharge and weight gain as a result of using vaginal rings.

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