How to whiten your teeth naturally

All of us cherish pearl white teeth. But, most of us are unfortunate as our teeth are not as shiny as we wish them to be. Getting the teeth whitened professionally can be indeed expensive. With a little effort, we can easily procure white teeth naturally at home.

A simple mixture made by blending hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is found to work wonders on your teeth. The fact is that the main ingredient of most of those costly home teeth whitening kits is hydrogen peroxide.

Baking soda is an indispensable part of all our tooth pastes. However, extreme care should be taken to ensure that both these chemical substances should not be swallowed as their consumption is harmful to the body.

Another more natural teeth whitening home remedy that is found to be extremely effective is one based on fruits. Fruits are rich in many positive anti-oxidants and function effectively as safe natural bleaching chemicals. They are found to aid the rapid whitening of teeth tremendously.

Rubbing the teeth well with orange peels or holding lemon juice in your mouth can help in whitening your teeth. It is also advisable to add a strawberry mixture to the baking soda/peroxide mixture.

Strawberry not only adds a sweet taste to the mix but also boosts its effectiveness as a whitener. It is important to get your teeth brushed with a commercial grade paste immediately after applying fruit to whiten your teeth.

As fruits are sugar laden and lemon juice is highly acidic they are prone to harm your teeth, if not properly washed, in the long run.

Table salt is yet another effective and natural teeth whitener. The benefits of table salt as a whitener have been known to man since centuries.

Before the invention of toothpaste, people even used salt along with water to whiten and clean their teeth. Applying salt is found to be the cheapest mode of teeth whitening.

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