How to winter-proof your skin

If wrongly dealt with, winter is sure to wreak havoc on our complexion. All exposed parts of our body are sure to suffer. Winter makes our skin dry, tight and uncomfortable. As far as possible, prevent your body from getting dried out by staying indoors under regulated room temperature. In some people, the consequences can be even more severe.

During the harsh winter months, our skin is deprived of its natural moisture by extreme wind and low humidity. As the skin gets dried, fats that help the skin cells in staying together in order to prevent water loss are lost. This consequently makes the outer skin layers to flake off.

People who are prone to skin irregularities such as eczema are the worst affected lot. They tend to itch a lot, especially in the lower legs. Other skin irregularities that occur during winter include chafing, chapped lips and a flushed weather-beaten feel.

The easiest way to winter-proof your skin is to avoid harsh elements such as
soaps, detergents and other harsh chemicals. People who suffer from irregularities such as psoriasis should certainly seek effective alternative to soap. After washing your hands with a good cleaning agent, reapply hand creams whenever possible.

It is also advisable to reduce the heat of your bathing water. All alcohol based cleansers should give way to milder cleaning agents. It should be ensured that the natural moisture lost from the skin surface is efficiently replaced. Winter is the time in which you should not forget to apply moisturiser, since your skin badly falls in need of it.

Effective moisturisers will provide relief both from dryness and itchiness. They help in minimising skin inflammation. Ensure that your moisturiser contains SPF and UVA protection. Always keep in mind that even in winter months; the sun has the potential to damage your skin. People suffering from rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or skin redness should consult their dermatologist more frequently during the extreme winter months.


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