How tongue acts a health indicator

The medicine practitioners of ancient China where the first who considered the tongue as an effective indicator of the body’s general well being. Different areas of the tongue were believed to reflect the general health of particular organs. Irregularity in colour, shape or coating of the tongue demands special attention. Today, almost all doctors, whatever is their school of medicine, ask the patients to stick out their tongues. Along with other symptoms, they examine the overall coating, shape and colour of the tongue in order to ascertain the disorder.

The normal colour of the tongue is light red. This indicates that person’s general health is satisfactory. In this case, internal organs are functioning in a normal manner and blood circulation also is free from any irregularity.

If the tongue appears to be pale, the reason will be a thick white surface coating. This, together with pale lips, is a sure indicator of blood deficiency. If the coating is completely absent or comparatively thin, it might be a sign of excessive body temperature. Dry and yellow coating also shows excessive heat in the body. Stagnant blood gets represented as red spots on the tongue. In acute cases, the whole tongue turns purple. A thickened yellow cover at the back portion of the tongue might point towards increased heat in uterus, bladder or intestines.

The normal shape of the tongue is neither too thick nor too thin. Its surface is usually devoid of cracks. A swollen or puffy tongue indicates spleen deficiency. Trembling tongue is another indicator of spleen shortage. Thin tongue is a sign of blood deficiency. Curled tongue ends indicate liver stagnation. Reddened sides mean Liver Fire. Cracks on the tongue surface are associated with heart imbalances.

However, as in the case of any other analysis, tongue diagnosis alone will not provide a precise portrait of the disorder. It should be read, as writing on the wall and effective steps should be taken to prevent the upcoming disease well in advance.

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