How vaginal size affects sexual performance

The vulva, which is the visible part of the female genital organ consist of the clitoris, labia and urethral opening. The vulval region plays a prominent role in a woman’s sexuality. However, it is a wrong notion that a larger vagina is associated with greater sexual pleasure. Studies show that the frequency of sex has no relation with the vulval or the vaginal size.

However, many women are concerned about their vaginal size. Sexual function and other related issues such as painful intercourse (dyspareunia) or vaginal dryness has actually no connection with vaginal size. In case of women who has not delivered a baby, the vulval and the vaginal region will remain comparatively smaller. The size of the vagina is directly linked with the number of babies that has passed out through the vagina. Studies in this regard indicate that the more babies are delivered, the more likely the vaginal size will be increased. It is because, during the strenuous process of labour, vaginal muscles and some of its surrounding tissues that support it get battered. The extent of damage done to these muscles will be more if the labour is a prolonged or difficult one.

Many women are worried that their vulval lips , also called as labia are a bit too large or too long. Some find that their vulval lips protrude out unequally. In case of such concerns, it is always advisable to get a gynaecological consultation. In most cases, reassurance that one is absolutely normal is all that is necessary for women to get over the problem. If there is a genuine abnormality, surgical rectifications can be opted for.

If the vulval region happens to be too big, vaginal intercourse is likely to be dissatisfactory for both the partners. Different methods of treatment are made availble to rectuify the defect. Too small a vagina usually occurs when there is a vaginal septum. The symptoms of this disorder includes inability to insert a tampon, pain on vaginal intercourse or complete inability to have sexual intercourse.

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