How women attain sexual satisfaction

Communication between the partners plays an important role in enabling female satisfaction during sex. Partners need to be intimate enough to share their feelings, likes and dislikes openly with each other.

Clinically, female sexual response cycle is found to consist of four different stages of arousal. The extent and duration of these stages vary from one woman to another.  Even in the same woman, it is marked by certain physiological and psychological changes.

The first among these four stages is that of excitement. Sexual excitement in women is triggered by psychological or physical stimulation. It is characterized by the onset of emotional changes.

Other bodily changes that occur in a sexually excited woman include increased heart rate, respiration, and vaginal swelling.  A rise in vaginal lubrication as a result of increased blood flow to this area is yet another major bodily change that occurs during this period.

The second stage is that of sustained excitement. This stage is called as the plateau. The bodily changes such as vaginal swelling, heart rate and muscle tension is found to be on the rise as long as the stimulation continues. In this stage, the breasts get enlarged, the nipples become erect, and the uterus gets dipped.

The third stage is that of orgasm. It involves synchronized vaginal, anal, and abdominal muscle contractions. It is a stage of intense pleasure characterized by the loss of involuntary muscle control. The final stage is that of resolution in which the blood rushes away from the vaginal region.

It is the stage of complete recession and is marked by the shrinking of breasts and nipples. The increased pace of heart beat, blood pressure and respiration also falls down and attains normalcy.

However, the extent to which each woman experience these stages vary. While some women rush through these stages, some others take time in attaining each of these stages. Sexual dysfunction in women often leads to sexual dissatisfaction.

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