How zinc helps in skin rejuvenation

Zinc is a critical element that is extremely important for the smooth functioning of the body. Zinc carries out multiple bodily activities, skin rejuvenation being one among them.

It is required for maintaining immunity and is also involved in repair functions. Studies indicate that there occurs a steady increase in the zinc level of our body immediately after a major injury. It goes down once the wound is healed.

It is also suggested that the inefficiency of older people’s skin to heal easily is directly linked with diminished zinc level.

Among other names, zinc is also referred to as the “clean-up enzyme.” It effectively helps in the removal of damaged tissues.

It helps the tissues in regaining their natural texture after injury, disease or sun damage.  The presence of the mineral zinc is inevitable in almost all the repair processes.

Inadequate supply of this mineral inhibits the benefits of cytokines and also impairs skin rejuvenation. Apart from the removal of damaged tissue, zinc is also vital in the production of collagen.

It also plays a role of prominence in elastin synthesis. Vital bodily functions such as cell division also owe its smooth implementation to the presence of zinc.

It is also essential for the production of superoxide dismutase.  Superoxide dismutase is a powerful skin antioxidant that leaves the skin supple and tender.

Zinc is found to serve as a co-factor in the skin’s production of certain metalloproteinases. These substances are required for the effective removal of damaged skin cells.

Without the adequate presence of zinc in the body, skin rejuvenation is either impaired fully or slowed down partially.

Zinc is a major ingredient in all the skin rejuvenation products. Since acnes are also resulted from skin damage, zinc is included in the production of facial creams and lotions that fights the acne-related skin irregularities.

Due to its skin rejuvenating potential, most of the popular anti-aging formulas are found to contain zinc as its vital element.


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