Importance Of Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises is extremely prominent due to the plain fact that it provides increased oxygen supply to our body parts. Oxygen is, by all means, the most important of all nutrients. A person might be able to starve for days, but certainly cannot survive with out oxygen. Poor lifestyle reduces the supply of oxygen to our organs, especially the brain. A heart attack is actually the result of lack of enough oxygen due to an acute circulation blockage. If this occurs to brain, the outcome is a major stroke. Oxygen not only purifies the blood stream but also removes toxin particles from the system.

Ancient Yogis were the first to realize the importance of ample oxygen supply to body parts. That was why they perfected the art of effective breathing techniques that tap in maximum oxygen. Breathing exercises are extremely relevant. Our brains crave for oxygen. That is the reason why we feel completely exhausted at the end of the working day. Not only does this lead to frustration but also affects our work quality and productivity. Low immunity is yet another after-effect making them easily prone to various diseases.

We all know how to breathe, breathing being the very first thing we do as we come into this world. It might seem foolish even to think about teaching one to breathe properly. But our mode of breathing will gets modified and restricted due to various reasons, both physical and environmental. Mental tensions also makes breathing pattern restricted. When confronted with a confused problem, we tend to lean forward with arms drawn together and head bent down. This posture actually reduces the lung capacity and as a result, oxygen supply diminishes. Shallow and quick breathing style should also give way to deep and slow intake of fresh air. It is interesting to note that animals that have slow pace of breathing like the elephant lives the longest.


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