Importance of water in diet

Water plays a vital role in maintaining good health. It is all the more important if you are attempting to lose weight. Water is essential for the proper metabolism of fat. It also eliminates toxic and other waste materials from the body.

Seventy percent of the human body consists of water. Ninety percent of blood and eight five percent of brain is water. Due to their increased muscle mass, men’s body requires more water when compared to that of women. Water is essential for the transportation of nutrients to various body parts. It also lubricates joints and keeps the skin supple.  If the intestines fail to get enough water, they will absorb the required amount from the bowels. In such a situation, constipation is resulted.

The initial symptoms of dehydration include fatigue and decreased mental activities. Dizziness, headaches, thirst, and vision irregularities are also caused by dehydration. In the lack of water, skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry. Joints lose their fluid-based lubrication. This will result in joint pains. Slowly, all the body functions get adversely affected. Increased thirst cannot be considered as a reliable indicator of dehydration. In most people, dehydration gets expressed through signals that are least associated with thirst. Such symptoms include food cravings, hunger pangs etc.

All people should take in a minimum of sixty-four ounces of water daily. Men and women who drink this required quantity of water are less likely to have any ill effects. Moreover they are sure to feel and look better. It is advisable for obese people to drink an additional eight ounces a day for every extra twenty-five pounds. However, the intake of liquids should be ideally spread through out the day. Drinking too much of water at one time will make the person feel ill. Even if an otherwise normal individual do not take in eight ounces of water daily there is nothing to panic. Fruits such as watermelon, orange etc and vegetables such as spinach and other leafy greens will see to it that the daily water requirements are met with.

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