Importance of water in our daily diet

Water is human body’s vital fuel. Though calorie-free, water is considered as the most important health drink gifted by nature. In spite of it being abundant and inexpensive, people rarely care to supply their body with enough quantities of water. An average person should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water. About fifty to seventy percent of our body is composed of water. The precise quantity of bodily water largely depends upon age and muscle-fat proportion. When the water level falls too low, certain symptoms are shown by our body to prevent dehydration. Such symptoms are together called as thirst. Thirst is actually a reaction caused by a cluster of nerve cells situated at the hypothalamus of the brain. Regardless of whether on diet or not, water should be provided to the body. This is because water carries out the role of an effective carrier by transporting important nutrients such as oxygen and mineral salts to various organs.

Our body needs water due to various reasons. Prevention of dehydration is the most important function carried out by water. Dehydration is in itself a health hazard and is also associated with disorders such as headaches, dizziness, leg cramp etc. Water helps in the elimination of waste materials from the body, which will otherwise be toxic. Kidneys will function properly only when supplied with abundant water. Lack of enough water will have an adverse effect on liver as well. Burning down of fat is influenced by water, since it plays a major role in metabolism. One reason why a person does not lose his weight might be that he is not drinking enough water.

Water helps in effectively maintaining the muscle tone. It also supplies the muscles with natural ability so that they can function effectively. The merits that water does to our skin are beyond description. It makes the skin clearer and leaves it glowing and fresh.

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