Indian Herbs used for Soup

Indian herbs used for soup no 1 – Anise – The whole anise plant, a member of the parsley family, has a sweet, fragile licorice-like flavor similar to Florence fennel which is often found mislabeled in the grocery store as anise.

If homegrown, the flowers and leaves can be mixed into fruit salads or used as a garnish; the roots and stem can be mixed into soups and stews. Anise is most usually found and used as seeds, either whole or ground, in potpourris, cookies, pastries, breads, liqueurs, confections, teas, curries, to flavor seafood or shellfish among many others.

Indian herbs used for soup no 2 – Basil – This is a usually used herb that adds a clove like aroma and pungent taste to tomatoes, squash, cabbage, beans, pasta, poultry or seafood. Leaves vary in color from green to red-purple. Leaf size also varies, ranging from small common basil leaves to the bigger leaves of lettuce leaf basil.

Indian herbs used for soup no 3 – Chervil – This herb has a sweet taste, alike to tarragon. Add near the end of cooking to flavor stews, fish and steamed vegetables. Chervil can be used in sauces calling for tarragon. Use in salads, salad dressings, meat dished, savory sauces, egg dishes or as a chopped garnish.

Indian herbs used for soup no 4 – Dill – The anise-parsley-celery flavor of dill goes well with fish, vegetables, soups and salads. It also respects poached salmon and potato salad. Crown dill, a stronger tasting item, is used for making pickles while baby dill is primarily a seasoning. Dill plants have feathery leaves. When purchased fresh, plants should be selected on the basis of their similarity to fresh salad greens. Dill seed also is a popular seasoning item.

Indian herbs used for soup no 5 – Marjoram – Sweet marjoram is a strong accenting herb used in egg dishes, soups, vegetables or on lamb. Its taste is alike to oregano, only milder. Like basil, marjoram is a associate of the mint family.

Indian herbs used for soup no 6 – Oregano – Generally used to season Mexican, Italian, Greek and Spanish dishes, oregano has a warn, aromatic scent and robust taste. It uses include interest soups, stews, meat pies, pasta sauces and shellfish.

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