Irish Baby Names

If you have searched for an ‘Irish baby name‘ then “Congratulations” must be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby,

a member of the family or a close friend you are sharing in a major life event and taking a serious interest in choosing a special baby name from one of the many Irish baby name’s that are available.

Irish baby names, drawn from rich Gaelic and Celtic languages full of poetry and romance, are always popular baby names. The term “Irish names” is a broad term, and includes not just those names with their roots in Ireland, but also Irish versions of names from other cultures, and even American versions of Irish names. This list of popular Irish baby names includes all of these types, with an emphasis on original Irish roots and spelling. The pronunciation is included when it seems helpful — only the native Irish are going to pronounce “Aoibheann” correctly, the first time they encounter this beautiful girl’s name! (You’ll find the pronunciation below.) If you would like to see more Irish baby names, try using our Advanced Search tool. In the box for “origin” click on “Irish.” This will bring up hundreds of Irish names to consider.

Want to dig a little deeper? Check out our article Understanding Irish Baby Names.
Finally, be sure to take a look at our guest interview with Dublin-based writers John Gallagher and Eithne Diamond, authors of the enchanting “My Name Is…” series.

Below are given some Irish Baby Names

1. Aiden
2. Aifric
3. Brady
4. Ailbhe
5. Braiden
6. Aileen
7. Brendan
8. Aine
9. Brian
10. Aisling
11. Cathal
12. Alannah
13. Cian
14. Aoibheann
15. Cillian
16. Aoife
17. Colm
18. Brianna
19. Conan
20. Bridget
21. Conor
22. Brielle
23. Cormac
24. Caitlin
25. Daire
26. Caoimhe
27. Darragh
28. Ciara
29. Declan
30. Clodagh
31. Diarmuid
32. Colleen
33. Donncha
34. Deirdre
35. Eoghan
36. Eabha
37. Eoin
38. Eimear
39. Finn
40. Erin
41. Keagan
42. Finola
43. Keenan
44. Grainne
45. Kevin
46. Kaitlyn
47. Kian
48. Kathleen
49. Kieran
50. Kerry
51. Liam
52. Kiana
53. Lorcan
54. Kiera
55. Niall
56. Kiley
57. Nolan
58. Mairead
59. Odhran
60. Moira
61. Oran
62. Niamh
63. Padraig
64. Orlaithe
65. Patrick
66. Reagan
67. Rian
68. Roisin
69. Ronan
70. Sadhbe
71. Seamus
72. Shannon
73. Sean
74. Sinead
75. Tadhg
76. Siobhan
77. Tyrone
78. Teagan

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