Is fruit juice good for kids

Of course, too much of anything is harmful to health. Like wise, drinking too much juice is certain to cause health hazards. Obesity, dental cavities, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal irregularities such as excessive gas, bloating and abdominal pain are some of such consequences.

But, if taken in the right measure, fruit juice is sure to be a safe and natural health supplement. It is extremely important to ensure that the fruit juice that you provide your child with is cent percent pasteurized. It is better to keep away infants from the so-called artificial ‘fruit drinks’.

It is advisable for infants who are below 6 months of age not to be exposed to any fruit juice. Experts believe that younger children below 6 years should have only up to six ounces of juice a day. The juice intake of older kids should be restricted to twelve ounces a day.

It has been found that ‘sippie cups’ help the moms in preventing messes. It is also more convenient for the kid to suck from the ‘sippie cup’, compared to the bottle. Often parents complain that their kids drink too much juice and thereby loss their appetite. It is true that fresh juice is a nutritious drink.

But, most of the calories obtained from juice will be in the form of sugars or carbohydrates, and not from fat or protein. So, it is always advisable to expose the kid to a more balanced diet. Apart from Vitamin C, fruit juices are generally low in their level of vitamins and minerals. However, some of the fruits drinks are fortified with minerals such as calcium.

In short, if your kid is enjoying a well balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetable extracts is certainly a health-boosting step. But, if he happens to be a picky eater, it is not advisable to expose him to too much of fruit juice. You should strictly prevent your child from falling asleep with a bottle or cup of fruit juice in his mouth. Such a practice is sure to spoil his teeth.


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