Joilie-Pitt shifts to new home

The celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have moved their clan of six children to a new nest. The family left their French estate home where they have been living for the past five months and moved over to Germany. It is reported that the couple will stay in their new house for about three months. Their new villa is to the south of Berlin, the capital city. The shooting work of Brad Pitt’s new Quentin Tarantino film ‘Inglorious bastards’ will commence here next month.

The new house of Pitt- Jolie couple spreads to a full 30,000 square-feet. Needless to say, it envelops all their “necessities” including a private helicopter-landing pad. The palatial house on Wannsee Lake has a dock and a complete security wing, which comprises of fourteen bodyguards.

What they finally did with their previous French chateau home is yet to be disclosed. Since they had signed a contract of long-term lease, it is likely that they might have either rented it or might have bought it.

However, it is rumoured that the house shift is as part of the couple’s efforts to save their breaking relationship. The couple hopes to get all the threatening issues to be sorted out at their new German retreat. Of course, they desperately want to save their brood from undergoing the pangs of separation. It was only last year that Angelina Jolie openly complained that they were too busy with their kids that they do not have much time for each other. Her mother’s recent death has also left a sad mark on Jolie. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has been busy throughout last month with the promotion work of his film ‘Burn After Reading’. Angie was at home all these days, spending quality time with the kids, especially her little twins- Knox and Vivienne.


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